Welcome to Patti Powell community choirs. You have a beautiful voice and we can't wait to sing with you.

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Message from Patti: Hello singers! I have healed enough from my bicycle injury to get back into teaching and leading singing! The shoulder is not yet fully healed, but enough to do choir part-time. I decided I could do 2 choirs per week, and not 4, but did not want to cancel any of the choirs - hence, my solution is to do each choir every 2 weeks! You'll see the schedule below under each choir's heading. If you want choir every week, you can join 2 choirs (or 3, you crazy kids! I won't stop you!).  Register below.


Concerts this term: For the Acapellaboratory, Choral Conspiracy and All Voices Vancouver, we will be singing for joy, and not be doing a concert this June, but rather have a party in a park. Proposals are welcome! Sites need to be accessible to folks with mobility difficulties. Date TBA!

For the New Westminster Community Choir, we have an invitation to sing for National Aboriginal Day on Saturday, June 22nd at St. Barnabas' Anglican Church.


Signing Up Via Choir Email for this Session:

In order to sing with us you DO have to sign up, either online using the email link included below for each choir, or in person on the first night (or morning) of the session. Although you can register for a choir session in person, it will make the lives of our volunteer organizers way easier if you register ahead. So if you feel ready to sing, please beat the rush and sign up NOW!

When you join any of the choirs you will have access to teaching tracks and lyrics for your own reference and use, once we start rehearsals.  IF YOU ARE new, follow the links to register for Website Member Access. If you have registered to access our website resources in a past session, you will NOT have to do that again. If you are having trouble registering for the website, contact Gini at vksalter@gmail.com.

You can pay registration fees in advance by sending an e-transfer to info@pattipowellchoirs.com, or in person by cash or cheque.
For more information, please read the FAQ. Thank you!

The Acapellaboratory Singing Gang
Holy Cross Anglican Church
4580 Walden St.
(1 Blk E. of Main at 30th Ave)
Wednesday nights every 2 weeks, 7-9pm
Cost:$60 (subsidy available) 
Dates: Apr. 17; May 1, 15, 29; and June 12 & 26th.
To join us for this session email Noni at:
Website access register here
The Choral Conspiracy
3214 W.10th Ave.
St.James Community Square, rm 120;
Tuesday nights every 2 weeks, 7-9pm
 Cost:$70 (subsidy available) 
Dates: Apr. 23; May 7, 21; June 4, 18, 25th.
To join us for this session email Patti at:
Website Access register here
All Voices Vancouver
Olympic Village     
151 Athletes Way,
Common Room,
Thursdays,12:00 am-1:30pm:
Cost:$60 (subsidy available)
Dates:  Apr. 25th, May 9, 23rd, and June 6, 20 and 27th.
 To join us for this session email Gini at:
Website access register here

The New Westminster Community Choir 
St. Barnabas Church
1010 5th Ave (at 10th Street) Every other Tues. 12:30-2:30 pm

Cost:$50 (subsidy available)

2019 Dates: Apr. 16th and 30th; May 14 & 28th; June 11th, 

and an outdoor concert on Saturday, June 22nd!
This is a No Barrier Choir
(including financial barriers)

To join us for this session email Rheja at:


Website access register here