Do I have to audition?

Do you breathe, even occasionally? Do you have a pulse? Good. That's enough.


I can't sing. I Really can't sing. You don't think I should join a choir like this, do you?

Yep, I do. There are very few conditions that prevent learning to sing. Singing is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger you get. Plus it's fun, and you're not doing it in isolation.


What kind of music do you sing?

We sing everything from simple chants and rounds to 4-part harmony. Past songs have included arrangement of songs by Lucinda Williams, Wilco, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. Many traditional folk, gospel, spiritual and African songs are also ideal and fun.


How Do I Pay?

You have a few options:

Come to choir and pay our registration keeper, in cash or cheque made out to Patti Powell.

Send Patti an e-transfer online from your financial institution's website, by sending it to her email address at

info@pattipowellchoirs.com. There is a small fee extracted by your financial institution.

Direct transfers are possible. E-mail Patti directly if you want this option.


I'm having trouble registering on the website-can you help?

You only need to do this once in your involvement with the choir. After you are registered to the website you will just sign on with your user name and password.

CLICK the link on the Home Page under the choir you are joining-you will see a form requiring the following information.

Username-This is just your name-(or a sign in name you choose-perhaps a nickname) It is case sensitive so if you use a capital letter, it will want you to do that each time. After you put in your name-Wait- A pop-up will tell you if that name is available-if not, try another-perhaps your last name will work

Email address is next - again wait to make sure your email address is accepted

Password is next (write it down somewhere if you think you might forget)

Password again

First name

Last name

The final box will display the choir you are registering with..Choral Conspiracy, Acapellaboratory, All Voices, or New Westminster

You will receive an email confirming that you have requested access to join the site. We will receive your request and make your membership active within a few days.

When you will get a second email confirming your access to the site you can Login in as a member. You will be sent back to the Home Page and If all went well, you will see a new link in the menu bar at the top of the page -ALL THINGS MUSIC. Click on this link and be on your way to the song tracks and everything else. Congrats, you did it!

if you are still having problems OR if you see a message saying user name not found or invalid email when you try to sign on..email Gini at vksalter@gmail.com and she'll help you out.


When I try to go from one page to another the website closes or "kicks me out" ?? Going from screen to screen on the website (scrolling or navigating through the site) can be done in two ways

You can use the back button-usually an arrow on the top left corner of the screen to go back to the screen you were previously viewing or you can use the links in the menu bar..that's the dark section beside Patti Powell Choirs and select the screen you want to see-Home, Gallery or All Things Music.

I hope that helps..if you still are having trouble-find a friend at choir to give you a hand.

If you are using a phone or other device to access the website you will find the menu choices by selecting the set of three stacked lines or bars in the top left corner of the screen-you may need to turn your smart phone sideways to see the menu clearly..just select the screen you want to see next. Again, if you are having trouble-find friend at choir to give you a hand.


Will SHEET MUSIC/LYRICS be supplied? We will bring a limited number of copies to a couple of rehearsals of a new song-But  in order to avoid waste I encourage you to PRINT YOUR OWN MUSIC/LYRICS if you can.You will find them in the members section-under Sheet Music or Lyrics  If you don't have access to a printer try to arrange with another choir member to print for you.  Let's be responsible for our own lyrics/music and each have a folder or binder of our own music. Thanks everyone!


I Want to Share My Event or Communicate with Choir Members about Non-Choir Business

Our current Newsletter is on hiatus. We are looking for a Newsletter keeper, who could handle a little Mailchimp weekly or 2x/month newsletter, during choir season.

If you are a Facebook member, this can be fun.  To access facebook pages for The Acapellaboratory or the Choral Conspiracy (All Voices Vancouver does not yet have a page), login to your facebook account, and type in "Acapellaboratory Singing Gang" or "The Choral Conspiracy" and read, post, etc.