Patti grew up with a significant stutter, which made speaking up in public a difficult experience. However, there was no difficulty in singing - a liberating revelation. This liberation brings joy along with it, and she believes everyone has a right to this, as part of being human.

Having made singing a big part of her life as a teenager she is now a highly regarded long-time song leader, musician and choir member.

A graduate of the Community Choir Leadership Training program in Victoria, Patti has been bringing the joy of singing to many ordinary folks through her four community choirs: ‘Acapellaboratory Singing Gang’ since 2006, ‘The Choral Conspiracy’ since 2012, the recently founded ‘All Voices Vancouver’ in 2016 and "The New New Westminster Choir." founded in 2017.  Her charisma, natural high energy leadership skills and warm personality bring an atmosphere of cheerful community spirit to the choirs.

In addition to her choirs Patti sings in the popular ‘City Soul Choir’ and in the a Capella quartet ‘What It is’.